Glamorous and sensuous bras are designed and fabricated for every lady

Trusted, Top-Quality Undergarment Fabrications

Ru Salu is a world-class manufacturer of intimate apparel, Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Roy Munaweera who has over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry. RuSalu is a subsidiary of RM Holdings – a leading manufacturer of briefs in Sri Lanka.

We provide total solutions for bra and brief manufacturing which enables us to envision being the preferred undergarment manufacturer in the South Asian region. With our unmatched quality and finish of products which are specially crafted to meet the exact requirements of our foreign clients, we are reputed as an eminent fabricator of ladies undergarments.

The company comprises 1000 workforce approximately.

Our Vision

RuSalu envisions to be the top preferred ladies’ intimate manufacturer in the South Asian region.

Our Mission

We specialize in the manufacture of bras by combining unparalleled technical capabilities and supply chain know-how. Our mission is to provide brands and retailers the most competitive and flexible manufacturing solution for bras andCoordinated Brasin South Asia.

Incredible rates on varieties !!!

Our manufacturing facilities offer best practice in production, cost deployment, quality assurance, and lean production.

A production capacity of 650K standard hours enables the generation of 3.25M pcs of bras per annum. We are capable of fabricating a wide range of styles by utilizing cutting-edge technology and manufacturing methodologies.

Due to the stringent quality assurance process adhered to from raw material to final product – we are ensuring, meeting, and surpassing quality and compliance standards.

Services offered to world at-large (incredible !!)

  • Export oriented
  • cost effective and economic rates
  • Free consultation either in-house or via satellite
  • Design assistance is accepted/guided in patterns and grading’
  • Cutting and sewing to customers’ discretion
  • Samples exchanged after bi-lateral agreement
  • Larger the volume ordered green pastures in concessions
  • Quick Delivery of finished goods accepted in short notice
  • Production supplied for introduction of new brand names under a Promissory  Note
  • Styles changes to seasons
  • Adapt personal accountability for solutions
  • Monitored for International Standards
  • High quality